Boss's Day Gift Ideas - Funny, Usefull & Cool Things To Give!

Hunting a gift for this October 16 Boss's Day? Below we present you some gift ideas for your boss! Read on to see them.

Boss's Day Gift Ideas - Funny, Usefull & Cool Things To Give! Image

From infamous website boss's day facts, currently there are about 11 million people working in supervisor or management level in the United States. It is surely a huge number of people! When October 16 will come, the most popular gifts for their bosses are business cards, flowers, or gift certificates. Now it is your turn to give your good boss a nice, memorable, useful or funny gift! Below is the list you can consider, enjoy!

stainless steel tumbler   double wall vacuum insulated travel mug with handle for boss day gift_91135

Stainless Steel Tumbler. This is a general gift that works well for your male or female boss. If you are not sure what to give, why don't you give a travel mug that will keep their beverages hot or cold. For example, photo above is a nice travel mug with handle from Selitan, featured with double wall vacuum insulated for maximum temperature retention to keep your boss's coffee, tea or icy beverages for quite long time. If you have someone special that love traveling or traveling a lot in their daily routine, this is the perfect gift to express your attention to them. Check the product page here.

premium quality hand blown glass teapot for boss day gift_66302

Premium Glass Teapot. A cup of tea is popular stress-relieving and relaxing drink. After a long meeting or hard day of working, your boss certainly needs a cup of coffee to ease their stress. This premium teapot from EverythingZen is equipped with stainless steel infuser and engraved bamboo teapot boaster, when enclosed in special gift box will be your to-choose item for your coworkers, father and of course your beloved boss!

motivational self improvement gifts for men   boss day gift idea_84517

Motivational Self Improvement Gifts. This kind of gift will be works well for men, male boss. The content of the scrapbook is about unique inspirational tips, happiness, and some self-motivation things that is perfect for businessmen and entrepeneurs. Beside for a gift for boss or co-workers, this is an item you need to give as college graduates gift when your friends or family member graduate from their college. Get it here

smart diet control   microwave and dishwasher safe   portion control container kit with meal planner as gift_60691

Diet control food container kit. Do you have a boss or friends at workplace that is on diet? Perfect! This smart diet control container kit complete with meal planner guide, in different colors will be your choice for gift for them. Help them to keep focus on their diet with food container that precisely measured for serving exact portions from their schedule. Tips: container food features can be vary, choose products that has dishwasher and microwave safe, stackable for compactness, 100% reusable and freezer safe is a must. Get yours here

andaz press engraved office pen stand holder gift_24526

Engraved office pen stand holder. With this everyday inspirational gift that also good as home office decoration, show them who is the boss! For Boss's day event, this is a nice gift for your female boss who need a cool pen holder to add on their desk. A personalized one will be better, for example your boss's name on it. In case you need one, go here to check.

premium magnetic pen set for boss day gift_19325

Premium magnetic pen. Your bosses deserve the best pen to kill their boredom! Give them this cool pen from AllieOopps, a stainless flexible pen that equipped with super strong magnet to conquer their boredom of having an employee like you! Just kidding ok. In a cool display box, this is also a perfect gift for our mom, dad or anyone. A nice gift for people who need focus in their works to relief them from tension and stressful routine. Grab yours here.

funny desk plate for boss   boss day gag gift idea_19827

Funny desk plate, be extremely careful with this gag gift! Even it is funny for some people, certain kind of people might disagree. Make sure you have a boss that has enough certain humor level to accept this funny desk plate. Above is one of nice gift with high quality engraved letter in a fancy-look plastic material from Holmes Stamp & Sign you can get here.

knock knock office citation nifty note   boss day gift_53468

Office Citation Nifty Note. Let's continue with funny product for your Boss's day, this one is funny-styled office citation nifty note that also works-well for your coworkers who has a questionable manners. If you are looking for a productive work gift for your friends, partners, co-workers or even your boss, then this is your perfect gift for them! Photo above is product from Knock Knock that you can see here.

practical flip over messages for funny gag gift for coworkers and boss day_78866

Practical flip-over messages. The product above is another funny and gag gift for anyone who want to greet guests with a nice humor. Created by Moodycards, let your clients or customers how you feel right now. Or, in case you have co-workers that you don't want to talk to, or a room mate that you really hate, pick this one for yourself. No, but, seriously, if you need a funny prank gift for your Boss's day, you already seen one. Get Moodycards here.

bamboo cheese board   cutlery set for boss  mom  grandmother gift item_60730

Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set. Let's get enough with gag-gift ideas for your boss okay? Let be more serious now, your female boss or leader that love cooking will be extremely happy with a gift like this, a natural bamboo cheese and food board and cutlery set that completed with slide-out drawer. The product above is the one you can choose, created by Bambüsi by Belmint you can see here. Tips when choosing bamboo food board: make sure you choose an environmentally-friendly material that will not spoil your food with odors, colors or other chemicals things. We surely don't need that features.

oil less air fryer for female boss gift_54296

Oil-less Air Fryer. This era, healthy food and snack is a crucial aspect for workers, especially in a high pressure routine such tight deadline and boring daily tasks. Why not give your coworkers or boss great utensil to make their own snack? This is an oil-less air fryer from BigBoss you can check here. It can quickly cooks food like potatoes directly from freezer. What cooler than that? It also needs less energy but in the same time cooking up to 3 times faster, well, it is what they describe it in the store page.

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