The Most Original 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Are your grandparents will turn to 60 years soon? Time to find and write your gift list for their 60th birthday. Here are some gift ideas your grandparents will like.

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The reality is that it can be really tough to come up with the best 60th birthday gift ideas. It's just one of those special dates. In Japan and China, for example, a 60th birthday signifies rebirth since it marks 5 cycles through the Chinese zodiac. However, no matter if the 60th birthday has any cultural meaning, the truth is that it deserves to be celebrated. So, here are the best 60th birthday gift ideas.

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Photo Album or Scrapbook. One of the best 60th birthday gift ideas is to offer the person a photo album or a scrapbook. Just ask the person's family and closest friends for some of their photos and create a personalized album. You can get a lot of different ideas from the Internet.

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Charity & Donation. With so many people suffering, there's no time like today to do something for them. So, instead of offering a gift, you can take the money and make a donation in the name of the person. One thing that you can do is to discover what kind of causes the person supports. In case you don't know, just find one at GiveWell, CharityWatch, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, among others.

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Activity or Experience. One of the best 60th birthday gift ideas is to provide the person with a memorable experience. In case you know the person would love to do some activity but never had the chance to do it before, this can really be the perfect gift. And one thing is for sure - it will be memorable. From a luxurious spa package to driving a race car, a golf excursion, check out Cloud 9 Living to see the different activities they offer.

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Olive Oil of the Month. If the giftee is a cooking enthusiast, you can offer him the Olive Oil of the Month Club subscription. Every single month, he will get one of the best olive oil bottles, directly from Italian farms.

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Memory Envelopes. One of the best 60th birthday gift ideas is creating some memory envelopes. You should ask family members and friends to write down a quick note about the giftee. Then, put each note in an individual envelope and just bundle them with a good-looking bow. You can be sure you'll have a lot of fun going through them.

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Personalized Brass Collar Stays. A different idea for this special celebration can be to offer a set of six Personalized Brass Collar Stays from Owen & Fred, a Brooklyn company.

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Golf Swing Analyzer. If the person likes golf but has never had the chance to actually practice this sport, he might be willing to give it a try now. So, an amazing 60th birthday gift idea is to make sure that the person has a better swing. The Swingbyte will analyze the golf swing and track it over time, and it also comes with an app.

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