Gift Ideas for Drivers

Need more ideas what are gifts that are suitable for drivers? Here we have created a list of items that match you can give as a gift for drivers. Check it out!

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fms basic emergency roadside assistance kit emergency supplies tool kit for car vehicles_12357

Emergency Roadside Assistant Kit If the driver is new, you can buy basic emergency supplies tool kit for car to help him or her prepared for unexpected emergency. It must includes essential things such as tow rope, warning traffic cone, safety vest, battery booster cables, window breaker, screwdriver and stuffs. Make it all in one and they are ready to be presented as a gift. If you think that's a good gift idea you can buy a set of emergency tool kit in here.

new car driver ultimate gift set_16635

If the first one is for the car, this one is for the driver himself. You can give a new driver, a new driver kit which includes first aid kit, travel mug, tire pressure gauge, and a small flashlight in glove compartment. Surely, it's a perfect gift for someone who just pass the driving license, someone with a new car or maybe a driver in the new job. If you are interested to such gift set you can visit this page.

worlds best bus driver travel mug stainless steel_68078

Travel Mug Or if he or she already has a first aid kit, you can opt to buy him or her the travel mug only. Travel mug is an important thing for a driver to keep coffee hot during a long journey, since driver sometimes doesn't have enough time to finish the coffee. And also, hot coffee can keep the driver awake along the way. If you want such item you can get it in here.

guardian angel auto visor clip arrive alive don t text and drive_30672

Auto Visor Clip For accessories, and to remind the driver how important safety is, you can give guardian angel auto visor clip with reminder words. The words are prayer to keep the driver drive safely, even if he or she is driving alone, away from friends and family. You can buy such clip in here.

zento deals wooden beaded plush velvet massage cool car seat cushion_59005

Massage Car Seat Cover For a driver, especially bus and truck driver whose most of the day spent behind the steer, it is wise to give something which can relieve back and shoulder pain and help the driver sit more comfortable. So you can give massage cool car seat cushion as a gift. Such cushion also cool the car seat so that the car seat keeps cooler when in hot summer. If you want to buy the item you can visit here

comfilife coccyx orthopedic memory foam office chair and car seat cushion for back pain and sciatica relief_16774

Pressure Relieving Cushion If the driver has more specific back pain like sciatica, you can buy for him or her car seat cushion for back pain and sciatica relief. It provides comfort on most hard surfaces and helps to relieve some pressure from sitting. You can go to this link to get it.

car air purifier  frieq car air freshener and ionic air purifier_76782

Car Air Purifier Drivers especially truck drivers often smoke while driving, while buses filled with people everyday. Thus all vehicle interior needs air purifier to keep it healthy and that would be a great gift idea for a driver. It eliminates the need for strongly scented deodorizers that just give another odor problem. The ionic air purifier gives the air neutral smell that brings out the true smell of air fresheners you may put in the car. You can get it in here.

mpow pro trucker bluetooth wireless headset with mic handsfree earpiece_11372

Wireless Headset Receive a call while driving can be dangerous for drivers so they need handsfree earpiece to help them connected to their phone without endangering themselves. Wireless headset with mic which has noise cancellation in it is better since roads are almost always noisy. Thus less shouts needed. If you are interested to buy bluetooth wireless headset with microphone suitable for drivers you can visit this link.

garmin nuvi 57lm gps navigator system with spoken directions lifetime map updates_43140

GPS Navigator System For a driver, especially truck driver, having a GPS can help save time to reach the destination and also avoid traffic jam. It gives driver visual clues about which lanes to use on freeway exits. Google Map is not enough since smartphone and tablet battery drainage and also there are still places where the phone can't find any data connection. Because we do not need data to use real GPS, this would be a perfect gift for a driver. Check more information here.

tomameri mp3 mp4 player with rhombic button  portable music and video player_57387

Portable Music Player Sometimes vehicle radio isn't enough for a driver so MP3 player is needed. MP3/MP4 player can store loads of driver's favorite music playlist so the driver won't get bored. Some MP3 players can play FM radio as well, in case the vehicle radio broken. There are plenty of them in the market from high priced iPod to cheap but satisfying MP3 player products like the one in the image. You can get it in here.

compact hanging toiletry bag water resistant with pockets hook for travel_86944

Toiletry Bag Drivers spent most day on the road. To refresh their body and mind, sometimes they need to shower on-the-go. You can buy a driver compact hanging toiletry bag with mesh pockets for travelers, so the driver can bring shower kit on it neatly. It's better to choose shower bag made of water resistant material since shower kit contains liquid and exposed to water. If you want it, visit here.

duco men s sports style polarized sunglasses driver glasses unbreakable frame_42940

Sunglasses Driving means expose the eyes to the sunlight in quite a long term. Because of that driver needs sunglasses to protect the eyes, reduce eye damage caused by sunlight. You can give a good UV protection sunglasses to your favorite driver. Choose a pair of sunglasses which doesn't easily getting smudged or fogged up. If you are interested to the one in the image go visit this page to get it.

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