Best First Communion Gift Ideas

Your children or relative might be preparing for their first communion, and you are not sure of what to give them.

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Well don't worry too much, in this article; I would make you some ideas on gifts you can give to your children or relatives on their first communion.

First Communion rosary. A rosary should be part of your first communion gift list. A rosary is a gift that can touch a child's life for the rest of his/her life. You should make sure that the child knows what the rosary represents. You should explain to the child that the rosary accounts for a walk to Christ's life at the side of His Blessed Mother.

St Benedict Mens Intercession Rosary

Even though it's designed for men, some woman will fall in love with this wooden rosary. We can purchased the rosary in walnut and get beautiful and simple design. If you want to give a thing that the recipient will bring it everywhere and you want them to be always feel good to break into a little prayer when the need be, it is perfect gift.

$ 13

First communion bible. Although, there is a widespread rumor that Catholics do not read the Bible. But thankfully, it is just a rumor. A bible is a perfect gift for a child on his/her first communion. You can use the opportunity to let your child know that scripture reading is essential in their lives.

St Benedict Mens Intercession Rosary

My First Communion Bible

Give this adorable book to keep all of the day's special information in. Perfect gift for kids with easy to read content that is well-written, story-book format and completed with beautiful pictures for young readers. In case you need a gift for your children or grand children that can save as remembrance of their special day, it is an item you must consider.

$ 19

Saint trading cards. Most children are addicted to collecting Pokemon cards. You can use this addiction to make sure your child follows the will of God. You should get your child saint trading cards. The saint trading cards will make your child learn more about saints who lived a good and an exemplary life.

Crucifix. A crucifix is a good gift to give your child on his or her first communication. Although most people think that a crucifix is just an old standby, it is not. Apart from giving the cross as a gift to a child on his or her first communion, you should also make the crucifix part of your house decoration. You should also endeavor to tell the child the usefulness of the crucifix. Make sure to let the child know that anytime he or she has a bad day, his or her bad times can be joined with the suffering of Jesus. The crucifix symbolizes sacrifice and love. It is also a symbol of how God understands up completely.

My First Communion Bible

13.75 Inches High Cross-crucifix

If you want to give a highly detailed cross-crucifix and want the best quality, take a look the cross-crucifix from Josephs Studio. It is made from resin instead of wood. You will get top paint quality that can be comparable with more expensive statue you can find. With this nice crucifix you can give your beloved with great solace and peace. You can also display it as your home vocal point or at the family altar.

$18 - $30

Personalized religious gifts. Get a gift embedded with the child's name and the date of their first communion is a nice way to remember the day. You can make different gifts like jewelry, bookmarks, keepsakes, bibles, and picture frames. You can also get patron saint medals like St. Christopher, St. Michael and the Children's four-way medal.

13.75 Inches High Cross-crucifix

Big Brother Personalized Book & Medal

Kids usually are very happy and proud when they have a medal. Then why not give it on their special day? This is a gift you want for your son or daughter to make them so appreciated and excited to see their name and their baby sisters or brothers name in the book.

$ 40

Christian publication subscription. The best way to get your kids attention is by subscribing to a Christian publication that includes coloring pages, comics, and other Christian activities that can make your child's faith stronger.

Buy them Christian related movies. All children love to watch movies; animated or not. But if you want to get your child's attention more, I would advise you to buy animated movies that teach the children about the Jesus, Holy Mother Mary, and the church's saints.

The first communion is a beautiful day, that s why celebrating this day with family, friends, and gifs matters. However, when you are selecting gifts for your children, ensure to choose one that would teach them the way of the Christ.

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