Best Gift Ideas for Funeral Except Flower

When someone in your neighborhood or your friend loses someone they love, you should endeavor to give the bereaved a gift to sympathize with them.

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The sadness to lose someone you love is really serious. Mostly, people count on flowers as gifts to give to grieving individuals or families. But there are actually some better gift options to choose from instead of flowers. Here are some ideas for gifts that you can use to sympathize with individuals, families, or friends.

Gift baskets. Sending gift baskets to grieving families, friends or individuals can make them feel a little bit better. If you are tight at work and cannot travel to give the families the gift basket, some websites allow you to order gift baskets and delivers it directly to the grieved family or individual.

Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

You can send gift baskets after the funeral; the family can derive joy from enjoying a bottle of healthy syrup, chocolates, fruits and so on. Just make sure you choose the appropriate food basket for the household.


Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages for Condolences and Funerals

When people lost someone precious for their life, they need this positive and encouraging sympathy messages. This kind of gift can be opened each day of the month, or anytime when they need some pick-me-up and encouragement. This is nice and unique and also thoughtful way to give our support to a friend or loved one to comfort them during their difficult days in their life.


Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages for Condolences and Funerals

Sympathy Fruit Basket with Cheese and Nuts

Fruit basket is very popular gift to represent our sympathy. Not only when visiting sick person or family souvenir, fruit basket with addition food like cheese and nuts can be customize-decorated and suitable gift to express our condolences.

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Lawn care and house cleaning gifts. Because of the stressful funeral preparation, the family or individual might not have the time to take good care of their home. Gift certificates to lawn care or house cleaning services would be beneficial for the grieving families. The families would be pleased. Helping them clean their homes or surrounding might also lift the family's spirit.

Gift meals. Because of grief and stressful funeral, the family or individual might not have the time to prepare healthy meals for themselves. Giving them meals as a gift is a very nice way to show them that you care and they are always in your mind. If you cannot prepare the meals, you can order the meals online and get it delivered in front of the grieved doors. The grieved families or individual will be happy to eat something good for the first time in a long time. The meals could also help the family cater for visitors and relatives over at their home for the funeral. It is a tough incident to lose your loved one; it is very draining. Sending meals to the grieved could help relieve their pain.

Sympathy Fruit Basket with Cheese and Nuts

Combination of Roasted Nuts Gift Baskets

Natural, fresh and delicious snack sometimes can be best friend for people who through a hard times. Beside that, this kind of gift is also nice for holiday, birthday, thank you representation, visiting sick people, or any kind of party.


Combination of Roasted Nuts Gift Baskets

Gift Basket, Heartfelt Thoughts Sympathy

A lovely healthy food gift basket can be the ultimate way to show our support to a friend or family member through their difficult moments. It will be really handy to help them just in case they forget to eat healthy food.


Dedications and donations. You can also show care and love to a grieving individual or family by setting up a gift or dedication of a fund. For instance, if the deceased was pursuing a certain cause, you can help by donating to that cause in the memory of the grieved individual or family. You can also donate money to plant a tree in the memory of the deceased. Just try your best to dedicate something to the memory of the dead if you can.

Personal-care gifts. Most individuals or families might get worn out while in grieve, you could send them personal-care donations so that they can use it to care for themselves and look good. You can send them gift certificates for private yoga class, massage or manicure. You can also send them personal care baskets such as books or bath items to get their mind off the pain.

The most important thing is that you care for them and you love them.

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